Bulk Importing Users

Users can now bulk import users directly into their WordPress install without having to ‘invite’ the users. This had two direct benefits:

  • Users without institutional email addresses can be added and assigned roles
  • Users can be added to specific blogs en mass

To bulk import users, navigate to the Tools>Bulk Import Users section of the admin panel. You need to create a ‘pipe’ delineated list of users and their emails in the following format:


Paste the list of users into the ‘User Data’ text box and then assign a role for the users (subscriber, contributor etc.). Once you have submitted the data (click ‘Import Users’) accounts will be created for each of the users based on the information provided.

Note: adding large lists of users results in the server ‘timing-out’ – the server fails to complete the request before it moves on to the next task (resulting in the users not being added). As such, we are asking that you import users in groups of 10-15.

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