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Two New Themes Added

We’ve received two new theme requests: Motion and Pixel. You can find these new themes listed under the Appearance/Themes tab from your dashboard panel.

Keep those requests coming!

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New content types

Just a quick note – have added the following content types to the blogs system: DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB.

By default, WordPress forbids the uploading of these content types as each allows for macros and other programming types which in turn could be used for nefarious reasons. 🙂

Please do not add any files to the blogs system if you are not the original author!

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PollDaddy Polls

I’ve been researching poll plugins for WordPressMu with varied results. As a whole, most Poll plugins do not work with the Mu install. As such, I’ve been looking at a poll plugin which seamlessly integrates polls from with your blog.

Here is my first test – what do you think?

[polldaddy poll=2482966]

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Secret Handshake Issues

We are no longer using Secret Handshake.

We have been testing the ‘Secret Handshake‘ plugin (allows blog owners to create a blog that is hidden from the public until such time that they are logged-in) – testing has revealed that there a few quirks with the plugin and therefore I have removed it from the suite of tools until I find a suitable replacement.

I will better document the process of protecting a blog from outside access shortly.

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Registering Users and Blog Subscriptions

Update to Bulk Importing Users post:

The bulk importer helps expedite the registration process – by default it adds the user list to whatever blog ‘account’ was used to upload the users – this means it’s performing two functions:

  1. adding the users to the domain
  2. registering those users with roles to the blog of origin

This means if you have a blog at and you bulk upload the users, they will be added as ‘users’ to the website, and subscribed to the account.  If you have a second blog and you wish to subscribe those users to this different account, you cannot bulk upload the users as they have already been added to the domain ‘at large’ – what you need to do is invite them to the second blog as subscribers. This invitation process is done user-by-user and at the time of this writing has no bulk subscribe feature.

I am working on resolving this issue.

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