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WordPress Themes

It’s been great to see how this new WordPress community has been growing over the past few months. Users are really starting to settle-in to the WordPress environment and are making feature request on a daily basis. One such is request is to change the ‘look’ of the blogs – this is known as ‘theming’.

We currently are offering a few themes, but were interested in adding more… a lot more! So we are asking the members of our community to recommend themes they would like to use.  Search Google for ‘WordPress Themes‘ and find themes you might be interested in.  Make note of the name of the theme and if possible the URL and post your requests here as a comment.

Happy theming!

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New content types

Just a quick note – have added the following content types to the blogs system: DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB.

By default, WordPress forbids the uploading of these content types as each allows for macros and other programming types which in turn could be used for nefarious reasons. 🙂

Please do not add any files to the blogs system if you are not the original author!

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PollDaddy Polls

I’ve been researching poll plugins for WordPressMu with varied results. As a whole, most Poll plugins do not work with the Mu install. As such, I’ve been looking at a poll plugin which seamlessly integrates polls from with your blog.

Here is my first test – what do you think?

[polldaddy poll=2482966]

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Assigning users to categories

One of the challenges we have encountered working with school-wide blog initiatives is the administrative work required to ‘subscribe’ users to multiple blogs. To explain: when a user is registered to the site (e.g. a student), they are only subscribed to the blog through which they joined, or whatever blog they have been added via the bulk uploader. In order for the user to subscribe to another blog they user must either subscribe to the blog themselves, or be added one-at-a-time by the admin.

This issue brought in to question how were are using blogs, as by assigning blogs to individuals within a school we essentially fracture the user base. One solution is to re-examine the approach – rather then assign individual blogs to each teacher within a school, consider allowing all teachers to become editors within a single school blog (much like a newspaper has departments each teacher become a department/category in the blog). This solves many user-related issues as now an entire school can be added to one blog, and the students are automatically subscribed to any/all categories.

The challenge with this approach is deciding how to ensure that each of the teachers/users only writes to their assigned category, and moderates only those posts withing their category. Currently we are testing a modified plugin – Bind user to category – which allows the admin to bind users to any category by default.

Assigning a user to a single category does have limits, as it prevents the user of multiple categories

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