How to: Recording and sharing video

Recording and sharing video

Devices commonly used to record video include:

  • handheld cameras
  • mobile phones
  • tablets

In some cases, video needs to be copied from these devices to a computer before it can be shared on services like YouTube, Vimeo and MetaCafe. However, some devices can post video directly to these services.

Transferring video to a PC or laptop

Use the device’s data cable to transfer video to a PC or laptop. If it doesn’t have a data cable, it probably has a removable memory card. These can be read by PCs or laptops with memory card readers. Some devices will have both options.

Digtal camera plugged into a computer via USB

Video file formats

Not all devices record video in the same file format. The most common file formats are:

  • AVI
  • MPEG
  • MP4
  • WMV
  • MOV

Online services usually convert videos into FLV files or Flash video, as most web browsers can play these files.

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