Poetry Anthology

Learning Goal: We are learning to identify and experiment with a variety of poetic elements and forms in order to create our own poetry anthology.

An anthology is a collection. You will create an anthology of poems written by you! We will be studying several poetic elements and forms, allowing you to experiment with a variety of styles and techniques.  You’re a poet, and just don’t know it!


Putting it together:

  1. Your anthology will include your FIVE favourite poems (each one must represent a different form studied and contain an example of a poetic element).
  2. Your anthology will need a cover page, a title, and a table of contents. It may be electronic or paper.
  3. Each of your five poems will be on a page of its own. You should illustrate your poems or decorate each page. Poetry is very visual, so you must take care in how you present your work. Overall presentation is important.
  4. On each poem in your anthology, you need to include an explanation for each of the poems you chose. In addition, you need to identify the poetic element you used in each.
  5. Make sure your writing is clear (carefully consider word choice, pay attention to spelling, etc.)
  6. Be creative. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Poetry is a very forgiving form of writing.

Success Criteria

Not Yet (1)

Approa-ching (2)

Meet-ing (3)


I can identify specific poetic elements and explain how they help communicate meaning
I experiment with different poetic elements and forms
I can produce a finished, professional copy of my anthology that meets identified criteria listed above.


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