Note to Parents for March Break

Dear Parents & Guardians of 7G,

We have had a successful start to term 2. I first want to remind you that planners and homework are updated daily on my blog, (which you now know if you are reading this here).   If you are ever wondering what your child is working on, please check here first. It often includes links to student worksheets, as well.

If your student forgets his or her homework or notes at school, please also be aware that most of our worksheets and assignments are stored on Google Drive and can be accessed with either their gmail ( or school login (  We use this as a way to keep everyone organized, even the students with the messy lockers and notebooks, (and me, too)!

In language, we have just finished two rounds of Literature Circles. The students have been reading graphic novels on important events in history, such as the Civil Rights movement, and practicing reading strategies, such as analyzing, making inferences, synthesizing and summarizing.  Each student discussed their answers in a group first and then self-evaluated their work before submitting. They checked to ensure that:

  1. they answered in complete sentences (i.e., they do not start with “because”)
  2. answers are specific, and used names and places wherever possible, instead of generic terms such as he, she, they, or there.
  3. answers provided evidence to support their answer.

i.                        When analyzing or making inferences, answers use evidence from the text to support their answer (I know/think this because…)

In math, we have just been finishing up our learning cycle on graphing (Data Management strand), where students learned to read, analyze and create graphs.  For their final assignment, they created a poll and graphed the results using Microsoft Excel.  We are now learning how to compare and order fractions.  We just had a practice quiz  on Thursday, and will review and have our “real” quiz after March break. Resources and notes are posted to my blog and to Google Drive.

In term 2, we are now finished with Geography and are learning about Canadian history, specifically New France and British North America.  Students are learning to put themselves in the “shoes” of the First Nations peoples and of the European explorers and are imagining what it would be like to encounter a new land and new race of human!  To help with this process, we have been making analogies to space colonization.

  1. What type of person would volunteer to travel to unknown lands?
  2. How would we react to encountering new and unfamiliar races? How would we communicate and interact?
  3. What opportunities and risks are available in the new land?
  4. Who else/which countries might also be interested in in these opportunities?  When would we go to war, and when would we negotiate?
  5. What are the short-term and long term impacts of our actions?

Additional resources and notes are posted on my blog and on Google drive.

If you have any questions and concerns, please contact me any time. The best way to reach me is through email:


Have a wonderful March Break and good luck with the time change!


Tammy Gaudun

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