News Broadcast Learning Goals, Success Criteria and Checklists!

Here are the criteria we came up with as a class that make for a good tv news broadcast.

Learning Goal

We are learning to create tv news broadcasts.

Success Criteria

  1. I can speak like a broadcaster
    • Professional but friendly tone and language
    • Slow and steady pace
    • Volume is loader than a conversational voice
    • Clarity: each word is enunciated clearly
  2. I can display professional body language
    • Formal Posture: sit up straight, shoulders back
    • Hands are folded in front or are gesturing
    • Maintain eye contact with camera/audience

Media Checklist

  • Camera Filming
    • Maintain focus
    • Not shaky
    • Good volume
    • Frame: Medium/Close-up
    • Straight camera angle
  • Editing
    • edit out errors or blank time
    • smooth transitions between segments
    • Title and credits

Group Checklist

  • Partial memorization so that you can look at the camera
  • Props: Make sure you dress the part
  • Writing style reflects the news
    • news sounds timely
    • language is friendly yet professional
  • Creative & professional
  • Cooperation amongst group members
  • Cohesion & Consistency between group member segments
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