Ideas for Term 2: Be persuasive

Let’s try this one more time! I gave you can opportunity to give ideas of what you’re interested in learning about for term 2.  Many issues were brought forward without suggested solutions.

  • What I need to know is what issues are important to you?
  • What skills do you want to develop?


  • Way to get out of writing, or
  • Let’s go on a field trip! (without being specific)

So, I will help you with the formatting.  Your response will look similar to a debate format of claim, warrant, impact or point, proof, comment:

First line (interest, skill or issue):

  • I am interested in learning about…,
  • I really enjoy (skill e.g., writing, or performing, or computers, etc..)
  • I am passionate about this issue (environment, bullying, etc…)

Second line (suggestion/solution):

  • ” I would like to”, or “I think we should” (be specific)

Third line (impact)

  • This would help me build confidence…
  • I would be very engaged in this activity…
  • It would allow us to make a difference in the community…
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