I am your LEADER!

Grade 8 Geography: Summative Project: Geography Leader PPT.pptx

Alright future leaders of the world, here’s your chance to practice running the world!  As your summative geography assignment, you are going to run for leader of a country of your choice. You will create a country profile, based on the attached PowerPoint slides, and create a presentation to your loyal subjects, as to why you should be leader of your selected country.

Success Criteria


  • You will write and hand in a copy of your speech (that will accompany your PPT presentation). As always, word choice will be important since you are trying to “persuade” your audience to vote for you.
    • Purpose: To convince voters to vote for you. That means, present information  with a positive spin on it! Don’t bore them. (Writing mark)
  • You will obviously include many facts in your presentation, but you will be expected to include your opinion! For example, when looking at your country’s population pyramid, what inferences/opinions can you make about the data?
  • Finally, your election platform: the three things you’d like to change about your country, will need to be a combination of facts and opinions. You will look at all of the data you’ve collected on your country and then decide what you think should be done to “fix it”.
    • The better your explanation, the better your mark!

Oral Presentation

  • Audience: Pretend the class is at a political rally listening to you speak. Inspire them!  Speak with passion (Oral mark)!

Media Mark

  • Media: Make sure your PPT is visually stunning! Slides should contain a little text, and large, interesting graphics that you can speak to (don’t put all of your speech into words).
  • All numbers should be displayed graphically – that means, in graph format (using Excel or PPT to create)!
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