History: A Changing Society


Students examine the social and economic factors, technological advances, and individuals and groups that promoted change in Canada between 1885 and the beginning of the First World War in 1914. They investigate the social and political challenges of increased migration and settlement, rapid industrialization, Canada’s changing role in the British Empire, and Canadian- American relations. Students develop skills of historical analysis by making comparisons and connections between conditions near the beginning of the twentieth century and aspects of life in present-day Canada.


Overall Expectations

By the end of Grade 8, students will:

  •  describe key characteristics of Canada between 1885 and 1914, including social and economic conditions, the roles and contributions of various people and groups, internal and external pressures for change, and the political responses to these pressures;
  •  use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate information about  the factors that shaped Canada as it was entering the twentieth century;
  • compare living and working conditions, technological developments, and social roles near the beginning of the twentieth century with similar aspects of life in present-day Canada.


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