Geography: World in Balance – Global Population Growth

Human Numbers through Time:

Answer the questions on this Word doc: World-Population-Through-Time.doc

  1. What was the global population 2000 years ago?
  2. When did the global population decline? Why?
  3. In 1800, where did 65% of the population live? What percentage lived in North America?
  4. What year was the 2 billionth baby born?What was happening with health care at this time?
  5. In the 1960s, population hit it’s growth peak. How quickly was it growing?
  6. Between 1974 and 1987, how much did the global population increase by ?
  7. 1999: What percentage of the population live in Latin America? North America? Asia?
  8. What is the projected global population for 2050? Where will most of that growth happen? (click “See Graph”)


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