Planners: Friday, April 4

  • Took up math test on fractions today. Test was out of 33. Ask your child how they did.
  • Don’t lose your history cheat sheet – test Tuesday
    • See questions below:
  • Red Maple voting April 22
  • Don’t leave school property without a note and a parent has to pick you up
  • Wear your colours proudly, Lancers, and have a nice weekend

History review questions:

  1. When was the Great Peace of Montreal and what was the significance of it?

    • While the British and French are fighting, explain what is going on with the First Nations peoples?
    • How has their life changed since the arrival with Europeans?
    • Who’s side are they are?
  1. Explain what happened with the deportation of the Acadians.

    • Why did France give up Acadia in the first place?
    • What did the British make the Acadians sign?
    • What changed that led to their expulsion?

3)    Briefly describe the life of the settlers in New France.

    • Who was at the top and bottom of the hierarchy?
    • What did they do for fun?
    • What were their chores?
    • Who were the Filles du Rois and why did they come over?
    • How many children did they have? Explain.
    • When did they marry? Explain.

4)   Explain The Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

    • Who was in a stronger position before the battle?
    • Who were the generals who led the French and British battalions?

    • Who won and how?

5)  What is the significance of the Treaty of Paris?

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