Debate Research Tips

  • In your own words
    • If you sound like you’re reading for Wikipedia, your audience a) won’t believe you and b) will be bored.
  • Similes/Comparisons
    • Include a simile to make statistics more meaningful to your audience
    • It’s hard for your audience to imagine numbers and facts. Can you make a comparison to something familiar to your audience to help them understand.
    • E.g., Ontario would save $8 billion – that’s enough money to build and staff 3 new nuclear power plants.
  • Word Choice
    • You need to sound passionate about your topic. Use passionate, powerful words!
  • Concessions
    • If you don’t address something your opponent says, you are conceding the point – saying it’s true.
  • Summarize
    • Before you are done speaking, you will want to remind your audience of all of the great points you made before your opponent gets a chance to speak.
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