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News Broadcast – Self-Evaluation Form

Broadcast News Self Evaluation Rubric

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Book Talks

Students are reading a book of their own choosing and are completing two reading responses, minimum 1-page each, using at least 3 reading strategies.

Next, they will be giving a book talk to the class on their novel.


If students finish early, they can add media to their book talk and enhance their media marks.


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Reader’s Theatre

Here are your self-selected reader’s theatre plays. The top link is the script. The bottom link is the video. To watch the plays, you must log in using your child’s gmail account.

  1. One Eye. Two Eyes. Three Eyes. 
  2. Cinderella Bigfoot
    1. GoogleDrive/CinderellaBigfoot
  3. The 3 Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
  4. Hansel & Gretel
  5. The Wizard, The Fairy & The Magic Chicken
  6. Gingerbread Boy
    1. GoogleDrive/GingerBreadBoy

Rubric: Reading Fluency Rubric – 4 factors.pdf

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8-7 – Chapter 4 – Flipped

In the past two chapters, we learn about the sycamore tree from both Juli’s and Bryce’s perspectives. What are some themes of chapters 3/4? 

Answer one of the following questions:

1. Write about a time when you:

  • a) stood up for someone, or
  • b) wanted to stand up for someone, but didn’t.
    1. What happened?
    2. Why did you want to stand up for it /  Why was it important?
    3. How your action/inaction make you feel?

 2. Explain Juli’s love of the sycamore tree.

3. Make a connection to the story.

a) Juli’s relationship to her father
b) Juli’s feelings of loneliness.
c) Do you have a magic place?

4. Explain Juli’s dad’s expressions “The sum is great than it’s parts.” And “Lighting is everything,” in relation to the movie and in relation to yourself. 



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8-7 – Flipped Chapter 3 – Buddy, Beware!

“Buddy, Beware!”

Type up your answers in Google Drive in the English folder.

  • Be sure to have a proper topic sentence, supporting evidence, and concluding thought.
  • Check for capitals (names, places, etc.), punctuation, and run on sentences.
  • Have a friend read it out loud to you. Make any necessary changes.
  1. What is the biggest change that happened in Bryce’s life during seventh grade?  What was so strange about it?  (analyze)
  2. Why did Juli make the front page of the local paper?
  3. Write the simile that Bryce used to describe his attempt at climbing the tree.
  4. DESCRIBE the change that took place in Bryce’s mind about Juli and EXPLAIN when and why it occurred. (analyze, inference).
  5. Describe the first conversation that Bryce has with his grandfather.  What is it about?  Why does it upset Bryce so much? (analyze, inference)
  6. DESCRIBE Bryce’s grandfather’s overall impression of Juli. Where did he get that impression of her from? (analyze, inference)

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8-7 CASI – Sept., 9

Today, students completed CASI (Comprehension Attitude Strategies Interests) – the Ontario reading comprehension program.

For more information on CASI, please visit:


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Mad Lib

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BBC Reading Resources


Analysing fiction and non fiction texts is discussed in this section. Learn how to look at language, layout and meaning.

Sentences: ReviseActivity
Paragraphs: ReviseActivityTest
Structure: ReviseActivity
Character: ReviseActivity
Atmosphere and setting: ReviseActivity
Writer’s tricks: ReviseActivity
Text types: ReviseActivityTest
Summarising a text: ReviseActivityTest

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