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Homework: Newspaper article analysis due Monday


7-1/2 has a “critical analysis” due on Monday for an article on Bill C-51.

Here is the article:

Here is the link to the questions they must answer:

Any questions, please email


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Homework: Debate research

We are having a class debate and your student with be arguing for or against the following statement:

Be it resolved that technology is diminishing our humanity.

Students were brainstorming today in class, and tonight they are to find “evidence” to support their claims. Tomorrow, groups will be ranking their claims and preparing their arguments.

Students, it would be helpful to debate this topic at home with your parents. It will give you a different perspective on your topic.

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7 1/2 – Personification

We are completing our descriptive writing exercises and will begin writing our own stories next week, as well as completing CASI.

Homework: please complete both sides of the yellow sheet on personification.

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8-7 – Sept 25


  • Started the novel study, “Flipped.”
  • Reading responses: Focus on summaries and good connections.
  • History projects due on Monday!


  • For your presentation on Monday:
    • Have a “hook” at the start of your presentation
    • Have a script, so you know what you are saying
    • UNDERSTAND what you are presenting. If you don’t get it, your audience won’t get it!
    • Make analogies to present day activities/people that your audience will be able to relate to. E.g., comparing Canada to a school. Prime Minister = Principal.
    • Review the rubric and self-assess.
    • Good luck!

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7 1/2 – Sept 25


  • Similes and clichés


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8-7 – Tues., Sept 23


  • Writing the “perfect paragraph”
    • self and peer editing
  • History: Started our Confederation projects (which will be presented next week)


  • Math Integers homework: multiplying and dividing

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7 1/2 – Tues., Sept 23


  • MadLib – how word choice affects a story
  • Intro to metaphors and similes

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8-7 – Sept 18


  • Started student presentations on Confederation
    • remaining presentations will take place period 4 on Monday (Day 1)
  • Learned about body language during presentations


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7 1/2 – Weekend Homework


We completed our first spelling test today, which was out of 12. The words were:

  • concise
  • elaborate
  • procrastinate
  • conscientious

Students are to get the definition of the following words:

  • assessment
  • exponentially
  • ecstatic
  • amusement
  • establish
  • initiative

Also, any student who did not complete their word choice practice sheets, are to finish it over the weekend. Word Choice Practice.pdf

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8-7 – Thurs., Sept. 11


  • Finished Lean On Me movie and completed answer sheet.
  • Started “paragraph writing”
  • Bring in money for the bake sale, 2nd nutrition break

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