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Interesting World Maps

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I am your LEADER!

Grade 8 Geography: Summative Project: Geography Leader PPT.pptx

Alright future leaders of the world, here’s your chance to practice running the world!  As your summative geography assignment, you are going to run for leader of a country of your choice. You will create a country profile, based on the attached PowerPoint slides, and create a presentation to your loyal subjects, as to why you should be leader of your selected country.

Success Criteria


  • You will write and hand in a copy of your speech (that will accompany your PPT presentation). As always, word choice will be important since you are trying to “persuade” your audience to vote for you.
    • Purpose: To convince voters to vote for you. That means, present information  with a positive spin on it! Don’t bore them. (Writing mark)
  • You will obviously include many facts in your presentation, but you will be expected to include your opinion! For example, when looking at your country’s population pyramid, what inferences/opinions can you make about the data?
  • Finally, your election platform: the three things you’d like to change about your country, will need to be a combination of facts and opinions. You will look at all of the data you’ve collected on your country and then decide what you think should be done to “fix it”.
    • The better your explanation, the better your mark!

Oral Presentation

  • Audience: Pretend the class is at a political rally listening to you speak. Inspire them!  Speak with passion (Oral mark)!

Media Mark

  • Media: Make sure your PPT is visually stunning! Slides should contain a little text, and large, interesting graphics that you can speak to (don’t put all of your speech into words).
  • All numbers should be displayed graphically – that means, in graph format (using Excel or PPT to create)!

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World Population Pyramids & World Violence

Answer these questions on this Word document: World Population Pyramids

Click on several countries of the world and notice the different shapes of population pyramids. For example, check out Azerbaijan. Quickly scan the recent history of the country to see a possible explanation for it’s shape.

Currently, Zimbabwe has the largest youth bulge in the world.  As of 2012, the largest youth bulge is found in Zimbabwe, which has a population structure with 56.57% between the ages of 15 and 29. Briefly skim the article: Human rights in Zimbabwe.  Summarize in one or two sentences that might explain Zimbabwe’s youth bulge.

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If Kitchener was a Village of 100 People – Population Pyramid

Draw a  population pyramid for Kitchener (approximate for each sex, given that 51% are female, 49% are male..).

  1. Download the blank Excel file: kitchener_population_pyramid.xls
  2. Copy the information below into columns:
    • Column A: Ages (right click column, select Format Cells, change it to “Text”)
    • Column B: Total (type in the total number of people of that age group)
    • Column C: Males (=B2*0.49)
    • Column D: Females (=B2*0.51)
  3. Highlight your data and select “Insert: Bar graph”
  4. Include Titles and Labels on your chart
  5. Make it look pretty!
  6. Take a look at the exemplar if you need help: Kitchener_population_pyramid-exemplar


  • 12 people are 0-9 years old.
  • 13 people are 10-19 years old.
  • 15 people are 20-29 years old.
  • 15 people are 30-39 years old.
  • 16 people are 40-49 years old.
  • 13 people are 50-59 years old.
  • 8 people are 60-69 years old.
  • 5 people are 70-79 years old.
  • 3 people are over 80 years old.

Source: Statistics Canada. 2007. Kitchener, Ontario (table). 2006 Community Profiles. 2006 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-591-XWE. Ottawa. Released March 13, 2007.


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Population Pyrimids

population pyramids.doc

  1. What are the 4 types of population pyramid
  2. What is a youth bulge?
    • What countries have a youth bulge?What do these countries have in common?
    • Where are they located? Demographics?
  1. Canada’s Population Pyramid:What can we say about Canada’s population?
  2. Based on the population pyramids below, what is happening to Japan’s population?
  3. Why do you think some countries are experiencing slower growth




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