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7-1 – Sept 5

Welcome to the computer lab. Here are your instructions.

  1. Open up Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  2. Type in the address bar: and enter in your username and newly-given password
  3. Click on Shared With Me folder and click on 7 1/2 and then click the button on the top called “Add to my drive”.
  4. Click on My Drive and then right-click on the 7 1/2 folder and change the colour.
  5. Click on the grey square in the top right corner (composed on 9 smaller squares) and click on Mail and send me an email.
  6. Click on and click on your inbox. Send me an email.
  7. Bookmark my blog!

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Math: Integers – Comparing & Adding Overview

We are learning to compare integers

Principle 1: Any negative integer (-) is always less than any positive integer (+) E.g., (-1) < (+1)
Principle 2: A positive integer (+) closer to zero (0) is always less than a positive integer (+) farther away from zero (0) E.g., (+3) < (+12)
Principle 3: A negative integer (-) closer to zero (0) is always greater than a negative integer (-) farther away from zero (0) E.g., (-2) > (-5)
Zero Principle When you have the same number of negatives as positives, the result is zero (0).

(-1) + (+1) = 0

(-4) + (+4) = 0



We are learning to add integers

Principle 1: The sum of two negatives is negative.   
Principle 2 The sum of two positives (+) is positive. 
Principle 3: The sum of a (-) and a (+) will take the sign of the number that is farther from zero (0).

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Math – Fractions: Reducing, Adding & Subtracting, Converting

We area able to reduce fractions into their lowest terms:

  1. List all of the factors for each number of the fraction
  2. Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of the two numbers
  3. Divide the numerator and the denominator by the GCF to reduce the fraction to its lowest terms


We are learning to add and subtract fractions

  1. Find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) of the denominators
  2. Create equivalent fractions using the LCM as the common denominator
  3. Add/Subtract the numerators (keeping the denominators the same)
  4. Simplify and reduce fraction to lowest terms

We are learning to convert between improper and mixed fractions:

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


  • Math: 7G Learning to reduce fractions to their lowest terms
  • History: created history quizzes for each other using Google Forms.
  • Science: complete science booklet (4/5 minimum mark)

  • Sports: girls wrestling tonight- wrestling $$$ ($25)
  • fundraiser for year end excursion due March 27
  • Forms going home: Family Fun Day at Country Hills on April 27, 2-4 p.m.
  • Happy Spring!


  • 7G took up math test on comparing fractions.
  • Library day: Ask your child what they are reading, and if they have overdue books.
  • 7F wrote math test on comparing fraction

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Homework: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

  • Math practice quiz – ask your child how they did!
  • March Break in 1 day!
  • Girls wrestling tonight
  • teacher challenge tomorrow – Basketball, 2nd NB
  • Saint  Patrick’s Day Monday, March 17. Go Ireland!
  • Field trip after March Break – Wrigley’s Corners
  • Spice Drive
  • Homework club closed 1st break tomorrow
  • Talent show Thursday, March 6 – Periods 4 & 5
  • Electronics in art tomorrow
  • Bring stuff for wrestling and don’t try to lose 😛


  • Math:
  • History: Why did the population of New France increase slowly during the 1600-1700s?
    • Answer 1: New France was expensive for France to maintain and to get their industries going.
    • Answer 2: Fewer women wanted to come – many had to be paid to go, e.g., The Filles du roi (the King’s daughters). Therefore, fewer people starting families (although they were paid to have 3, 12 children)
    • Answer 3:  Life was harsh in New France.

History Notes

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Math: Fractions – Comparing & Ordering Fractions

Math: Ordering and comparing fractions

Here are some (but not all) of the sheets that should be in your child’s math book.

Instructional Sheets


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2014 Math: Data Management

We are now starting a unit on data management, where we will collect data by conducting a  survey or experiment and recording their observations or measurements. The survey can be on:

  • themselves
  • their environment,
  • issues in our school or community
  • content from another subject

Next, students will be organizing this data into tables, charts and graphs that have appropriate titles, labels and scales.

We will be using Microsoft Excel to help us build electronic graphs for our data.


Our term 1 report cards will include the following strands of math:

  1. Number Sense:
    1. decimals
    2. order of operations / BEDMAS
  2. Algebra
    1. simplifying algebraic expressions
    2. solving algebraic expressions
  3. Measurement
    1. metric conversions
    2. area & perimeter
  4. Data Management
    1. collecting and organizing data

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Poll: Lebron or Kobe

Who do you like more: Lebron or Kobe Bryant?

Who’s a better player?

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iPhone or Samsung?

Which do you think is a better device?

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Would You Rather???

Please answer in the comments

Would you rather

  • a) die and go to a good place and everyone you care about will go to a bad
  • b) or, die and go to a bad place, but everyone you care about will go to a bad?


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