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Journalism & Quotations

We are conducting interviews and practicing writing quotes!

In every interview:

  1. Listen more than you speak. Control the interview gently, but don’t interrupt.
  2. Be polite but persistent.
  3. Ask open-ended questions; especially avoid questions with “yes/no” answers.
  4. Visualise the story as it is revealed to you.
  5. Evaluate the news story as it is revealed to you.
  6. At the end of the interview, recap what you understand the story to be.



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Homework: Newspaper article analysis due Monday


7-1/2 has a “critical analysis” due on Monday for an article on Bill C-51.

Here is the article:

Here is the link to the questions they must answer:

Any questions, please email


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Newspaper Learning Goal

We are learning to read and write newspaper articles

  • I can identify the parts of the newspaper, using proper vocabulary
  • I understand the purpose of newspapers
      1. Inform, Interpret, Entertain, Persuade, Provide a Service, Make Money
  • I can critically analyze images in the newspapers
    • angle, composition, background, etc.
  • I can critically read a newspaper and identify sources of bias and point of view
    • author, publication, experts, omissions, tone, etc..
  • I can write a newspaper article using facts (5Ws) and represent both sides of the story
    • facts vs opinions
  • I can write an effective title that generates interest in the article
    • specific, alliteration, conflict, mystery, rhyme, numbers, adjectives/word choice, facts, etc…

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Newspaper Features

What we are doing in class:

  1. Newspaper scavenger hunt
  2. Analyzing the front page layout.
    1. flag (name of paper – logo type)
    2. ears (space on each side of flag)
    3. price
    4. highlights – weather, news, special features,etc…
    5. Number of stories on front page
      1. how many are continued inside?
    6. photos
      1. what do they show?
      2. importance
      3. link to articles?
      4. datelines and bylines
      5. advertisements
  3. Types of Stories
    1. International
      • Associated Press
      • Correspondents / national bureaus
      • Wire Service
      • Wire photo
      • Stringer
    2. National
      • wire service
      • stringer
    3. State/Province
      • wire service
      • stringer
    4. Local
      • ¬†standard reporter
      • flash type (fire and so on)
      • contributed (submitted to newspaper, such as companies sending promotions)
      • enterprise (reporter discovers story on his/her own)
      • local photos
      • sports
      • social
    5. social
    6. economic
    7. political


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