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Newspaper: What we’ve covered to date

  1. Functions of a newspaper
    1. Inform, Interpret, Entertain, Persuade, Provide a Service, Make Money
  2. Sections of a Newspaper
  3. Newspaper Terminology
  4. Features of a good headline
  5. Pictures in newspapers: features and usage
    1. Angle: Low, Straight, High
    2. Distance: Close, Medium, Long
  6. Reporting tips (Pompeii)
  7. Writing Styles:
    1. Website:
    2. PDF:

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Non-Fiction Text: Newspapers

Students will:

  1. Understand that newspaper messages are created to inform, persuade or entertain
  2. Identify different audiences for each type of newspaper message
  3. Become familiar with each section of the newspaper
  4. Make inferences about why different messages are placed in different sections.

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