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WRDSB Dreambox Login 2014/2015

I can’t tell you how many students and teachers have trouble finding this link. If you are in the WRDSB, and want to access Dreambox, click here:

  • Alpine:
  • Avenue Road:
  • Baden:
  • Breslau:
  • Chalmers Street:
  • Clemens Mills:
  • Conestogo:
  • Country Hills:
  • Edna Staebler:
  • Education Centre – School List:
  • Elgin Street:
  • Empire:
  • Forest Hill:
  • Franklin:
  • Hillcrest:
  • JW Gerth:
  • Jean Steckle:
  • Keatsway:
  • MacKenzie King:
  • Mary Johnston:
  • Northlake Woods:
  • Queen Elizabeth:
  • Sandowne:
  • Sheppard:
  • Silverheights:
  • Southridge:
  • Tait:
  • Wellesley:
  • WT Townshend:
  • Williamsburg:

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Fairy Tales – Checklist

Things you will be handing in next Tuesday include your:

  • fairy tale, printed
  • writing check-list, printed
  • book cover, front & back

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7 1/2 – Fairy Tales

Your fairy tale should be typed and edited at this point. If it’s not, you are behind.

This week, we will be making our book covers in Photoshop.

Learning Goal: I can create a book cover that conveys the intended purpose (fairy tale genre) and audience of my story by using the following:


  • The fonts used for the title and author reflect the genre of the book and convey the appropriate tone.


  • The graphic composition on the cover matches the content of the story, and reflects the purpose and audience of the story.


  • The colours of the image and fonts help to convey the appropriate tone of the story. (E.g., vibrant = kids, faded = historical, black and red = horror)


  • Tone is conveyed through the combination of font, image and colours on the cover.

Note, the example provided is of the fantasy genre, but highlights the elements of a book cover that you are to include (no award necessary for your cover).



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Reader’s Theatre

Here are your self-selected reader’s theatre plays. The top link is the script. The bottom link is the video. To watch the plays, you must log in using your child’s gmail account.

  1. One Eye. Two Eyes. Three Eyes. 
  2. Cinderella Bigfoot
    1. GoogleDrive/CinderellaBigfoot
  3. The 3 Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
  4. Hansel & Gretel
  5. The Wizard, The Fairy & The Magic Chicken
  6. Gingerbread Boy
    1. GoogleDrive/GingerBreadBoy

Rubric: Reading Fluency Rubric – 4 factors.pdf

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