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7-1 – Sept 5

Welcome to the computer lab. Here are your instructions.

  1. Open up Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  2. Type in the address bar: google.wrdsb.ca and enter in your username and newly-given password
  3. Click on Shared With Me folder and click on 7 1/2 and then click the button on the top called “Add to my drive”.
  4. Click on My Drive and then right-click on the 7 1/2 folder and change the colour.
  5. Click on the grey square in the top right corner (composed on 9 smaller squares) and click on Mail and send me an email.
  6. Click on http://waterworks.wrdsb.on.ca/login and click on your inbox. Send me an email.
  7. Bookmark my blog!

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