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7 1/2 – Sept 4

Today, we read the article: Crash, Burn, Achieve – why kids need to fail

The article is a challenging read, but we broke it down into it’s core messages

  1. Grit = Resistance, persistence, perseverance, stick-to-itiveness, and passion. It’s that ability to deal with setbacks, and the most important factor for future success.

    • When faced with failure, there are three main ways to deal with it.
      1. QUIT: So there are kids who, when they fail, just decide, “Oh, I don’t really care about it. I’m losing too much.”
      2. GET DOWN:  Those who beat themselves up about it.
      3. GRIT: But a third group, is made up of kids who take their failures very seriously but divorce themselves from it a little bit; they say, “Okay, let me actually analyze the mistakes that I made: What can I do differently next time? ”
  1. If you want to develop kids’ self-esteem, the best way to do it is to praise everything they do and make excuses for their failures. But if you want to develop their character, you do almost the opposite: You let them fail and don’t hide their failures from them or from anybody else – not to make them feel lousy about themselves, but to give them the tools to succeed next time.


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8-7 – Thursday, Sept 04



  • Logged into the computer lab for the first time and used Google Drive and First Class.
  • Word Wall Words (quiz next week)



  • All forms due tomorrow
  • Try logging on to google drive from home: google.wrdsb.ca
  • Math: 4 4’s questions


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