2014 Math: Data Management

We are now starting a unit on data management, where we will collect data by conducting a  survey or experiment and recording their observations or measurements. The survey can be on:

  • themselves
  • their environment,
  • issues in our school or community
  • content from another subject

Next, students will be organizing this data into tables, charts and graphs that have appropriate titles, labels and scales.

We will be using Microsoft Excel to help us build electronic graphs for our data.


Our term 1 report cards will include the following strands of math:

  1. Number Sense:
    1. decimals
    2. order of operations / BEDMAS
  2. Algebra
    1. simplifying algebraic expressions
    2. solving algebraic expressions
  3. Measurement
    1. metric conversions
    2. area & perimeter
  4. Data Management
    1. collecting and organizing data
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