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How to make an infographic

People love infographics, and the statistics prove it: In the past five years, Google searches for “infographics” have increased 25X. Sharing an infographic can improve website traffic by 12%. Some analysts even claim that 100% of businesses can benefit from sharing an infographic.

But you can’t just slap together an infographic and expect success. To be successful, an infographic needs resonant content and great design.  Here are 5 tips for creating an effective infographic:

1.    Listen: First, think about the topic you want to cover.

  • What questions are important to your target audience?
  • What surprising, useful or informative information can you provide?
  • Also, select a topic that has high-quality research and data that can be used for the creation of  visuals.

 2.    Focus: Your infographic topic should be clear enough to be communicated in a short sentence.

  • If, for example, you have a broad topic like cookies, narrow it down to something such as: “How do cookie flavors rank around the world?”

3.    Edit: Most people will only spend three-minutes reading an infographic — be selective when choosing which information to feature. Delete any information that does not add value to your message.

 4.    Organize:  Your content outline should start with your most powerful piece of data so that readers are hooked immediately.

  • Order your supporting information so that it has a surprise in the middle, and builds towards a clear conclusion and a call-to-action at the end.

5.    Visualize: Infographic designs should be inspired by the topic and data.

  • For some great examples of visualization, check out Gareth Cook’s The Best American Infographics 2013.
  • For more inspiration, see Peter Orntoft’s designs, which each feature a single photograph, and are a great reminder that the best infographics are customized for the content theme.
  • Some more tactical tips: In the “largest scale visualization study to date,” researchers discovered that memorable infographics typically
    • use multiple colors,
    • have more curved lines than straight lines, and
    • are busy instead of minimalistic.
  • The research does not explain why exactly these features are memorable, but the results are still valuable for infographic designers.

Remember to collect feedback on your infographic from people who are representative of your target audience.  Once you are confident in your creation, share it with the world!

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Financial Literacy Chapter 1: Money & Youth

  1. Opportunity Cost: the next best alternative given up when you make a decision.
  2. Carrying cost of a debt: the interest charges that you pay on debts that you carry on a credit card over time. That is, credit card debts that you don’t pay off right away and result in interest charges.
  3. Medium of exchange: one of the roles of money. Prices can be set in terms of money for goods and services and then money can be used to “exchange” to receive a good or service.
  4. Financial planning: setting goals for things you hope to achieve and acquire over time and making a plan for how to achieve those goals.

Did It Stick? Can you recall …?

  1. What factors may be having an influence on your money decisions?
  2. What are four things you can do to try and make a good decision?
  3. What is the purpose of having a financial plan?
  4. How can setting goals help you to make better financial decisions and find a balance in life?
  5. What is a key role of money in the economy?

Thinkabout … or discuss:

  • $ Which kind of financial decision do you find hardest to make – and why?
  • $ In your opinion, which factors have the biggest influence on money decisions
  • made by youth?
  • $ What are the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards for youth?
  • $ What are the biggest “money mistakes” youth often make?

Tips and Suggestions:

Five Steps to Saving Money

  • $Set a savings goal. Ask yourself: How much money will I need? How soon? Be realistic.
  • $ Decide how much you will save from your pay. Put aside money to save first, then spend what’s left.
  • $ Track where you spend your money.Learn more about where your money is going. This will help you find ways to cut your spending if you need to – since you will probably be surprised where some of it is going.
  • $Build a budget and try to stick to it.
  • $Reward yourself when you reach a goal. Give yourself something to look forward to if you do what you set out to do.

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Money & Youth – Free Resource

Money and Youth

Please review Part 1 at home over the December break. I am sending home pages 8 & 9 to review your money goals for 2014 with your parents.

  • What should you do with your Christmas money?
    • spend it all on clothes?
    • Put some in an RESP?
    • Buy a Canada Savings Bond?

Table of Contents

Download the full book.

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Homework: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Tradition Presentations

  • Scotland (finish up)
  • UK
  • Egypt
  • Italy

School News

  • Art Council Xmas party
  • Bake Sale & Cake Raffle
    • $0.50 per raffle ticket

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Homework December 13th

  • Happy birthday Aidan (Dec 15)
  • Math quiz Tuesday (practice quiz – review at home)
  • Health homework due Monday
  • GSA Tuesday 1st NB
  • Athletic Council Sheets up on Monday
  • Bake Sale Wednesday 18th December
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  • Final Language
  • Basketball team practices: Boys 6:45 am, Girls – after school
  • 1st NB: How the Grinch Stole Christmas in the Library
  • Athletic Council signup
  • Pajama day
    • Eggnog chug

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Scotland
  • UK
  • Math Quiz
  • GSA 1st NB
  • Spirit Day – wear your tackiest holiday sweater, or red & green
  • Card Blow

  • Egypt
  • Laos
  • Italy
  • Bake Sale
  • Cake Raffle
  • Talent Show

 School-wide Activities

EXT WEEK (Dec. 16 – 19)!


 Find the designated snowman hidden in the school and receive a treat.  A picture of the snowman will be displayed in the front foyer so students will know what to look for each day during this week.


 Holiday Movie

Come to the library at 1st NB and watch a classic holiday movie!  Admission is a minimum $0.25 donation to the Gift-a-Smile campaign, or a donation for the Food Bank.

 Spirit Day

Wear your PJs today!!

 Egg Nog Chug

Will take place during 2nd NB.  We will need 6 students from each class (preferably 3 girls; 3 boys).  The students will come down to the gym and go to a designated table. At each table there will be glasses, paper towel and egg nog. The AC in charge of that table will look after the filling the glasses with the egg nog. The 6 students will stand around the table and will be in an order for chugging their egg nog. The OBJECTIVE is to have all six students chug their egg nog in the fastest time following the proper process. First person will chug the egg nog and when completed will turn the cup upside down on the paper towel. As soon as the student beside them has completed their egg nog and the cup is upside down on the paper towel, then the next person will begin to chug their egg nog. Repeat this process until all six students have chugged their egg nog. If there is a lot of spillage, a time penalty will be added to the overall team time.  The top two times from each grade will then go to the FINALS and repeat this process for an overall grade 7 and grade 8 winner.


 Spirit Day

Tacky Christmas sweater and/or red and green day.  Students have a choice to wear their tacky Christmas sweater or red and green on this day to participate.

Christmas Card Blow (2nd NB in the Gym)

Each class will need to have 4 student representatives. Each student will have one minute to blow at a Christmas card from an upright position to get it to hang off the edge of the table so it is balanced and remains half on the table. If during the course of the minute the card falls off the table, the student may pick the card up and set it upright and start again.  The top two teams for each grade will go to the FINALS and repeat the activity and then a grade 7 and 8 winner will be determined.


 Bake Sale

The Social Justice Group will be running a bake sale and cake raffle during 1st NB.  Tickets for the cake raffle are $0.50 each or 3 / $1.00.

Talent Show / Recognition Assembly

during periods 5 & 6 in the gym

 Band Performance @ Huron Heights

Come out and see our band perform at Huron Heights at 7:00 p.m.


 Holiday Movie

Come to the library at 1st NB and watch a new holiday movie!  Admission is a minimum $0.25 donation to the Gift a Smile campaign or a donation for the Food Bank

 Spirit Day

Get into the Christmas spirit by wearing Rudolph’s red nose and/or his antlers and/or a Santa’s hat.

 Snowball Bowling (2nd NB in the gym):

Each class will need to have 4 student representatives. In one minute time, one student from each team will attempt to hit a ball into 6 bottles and knock all of the bottles down. The team of 4 will have their total number of bottles knocked down recorded. As a team, if they have the most number, then the top two teams from each grade level will advance to the FINALS and a winner for the grade 7s and a winner for the grade 8s will be determined.  Sounds too easy! Come to the gym to see the Festive twist we have added.

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Learn to Code

This lesson will introduce the concept of Computer Science and explain what a Computer Scientist does. It will also give students an opportunity to assume the role of a computer scientist. By the end of the activity, each student will have a take-home reminder of what he or she learned. You may be tempted to skip teaching young children the vocabulary words that are associated with the lessons that follow, but presenting them in a fun and playful light now is far more productive than waiting for more advanced opportunities.

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Homework for December 12, 2013

  • tomorrow last day for candy selling (for gift a smile)
  • cocoa house tonight
  • performers meet in gym 6:00 pm
  • 7G math practise quiz tomorrow
  • 7G math quiz Monday
  • 7G traditions project presentations Monday
  • bake sale Wednesday Dec. 14
  • 7G Muhamed’s birthday tomorrow!
  • spirit wear Tuesday (red and green)
  • Aidan’s birthday Sunday






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  • Measurement practice quiz tomorrow ( Area and perimeter)
  • Boys A basketball team meeting tomorrow 1st NB (second half)
  • spirit day on Tuesday ( Christmas fun things )
  • Movie in the library 1 st NB
  • Holiday traditions due Monday

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Boy A basketball tryouts tonight

Holiday talent show tryouts tonight

Bring money for Chocolate ( All money will go to Gift a Smile campaingn)

2nd NB intermurals tomorrow

Manga club Wednesday, Thursday 1st  NB


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Mondays Homework (December 9th)

  • Oil Sands Essay Due Tomorrow
  • GSA open-house 1st Break (art room) tomorrow
  • B-team basketball tryouts (boys) tomorrow
  • GIFT-A-SMILE!!! Donate, if not done already
  • Talent Show Tryouts Tomorrow After School
  • Coco-House Dec. 12th

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