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Learn to Type!

Dance Mat Typing

Welcome to Dance Mat Typing, an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 – 14 years. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Begin at Level 1 and build up your skills gradually through to Level 4. Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist.

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Geo Assign #1: Natural Disasters

  1. Pick a partner
  2. Pick a natural disaster to study
    1. Tornadoes
    2. Hurricanes
    3. Volcanoes
    4. Mudslides
    5. Earthquakes
    6. Tsunamis
    7. Droughts
    8. Floods
    9. Other
  3. Fill out the PowerPoint template with information about your natural disaster.
  4. Present to the class.

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Persuasive Essay – Music Grant

I am learning to create a persuasive essay

  1. My writing appeals to my target audience (CARAS)
  2. My introductions “hook” my audience, using an analogy they can relate to
    • E.g., first time opening your music case and seeing your instrument
  3. I clearly state my thesis in my introduction
    • Laurentian derserves this grant because…
  4. I provide three reasons to support my thesis
  5. I provide proof using facts to support each reason
    • use facts supported by personal experiences, whenever possible)
  6. I use “high impact” images that reinforce my reasons
  7. Describe and then refute the key points of the opposing view
    • Can you think of any reason why CARAS might not award the grant to Laurentian?
  8. I use persuasive words to emphasize my points
    • E.g., must, love, always, absolutely, never, etc…
  9. My summary restates and reinforces my thesis and supporting evidence.

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Teaching Kids about Banking

Banking in Canada

Banking in Canada is considered to be very safe and efficient. Bank branches and ATMs (automated teller machines, sometimes called ABMs – automated banking machines) are readily available across the country. Internet banking, direct debit and telephone banking is also commonplace across Canada. It is normal and fairly essential to have a bank account in Canada, not only for salaries to be paid into, but also in order to connect to utility services such as telephone, gas and electricity.

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Reading Strategiess and Response Starters

Summarizing and Synthesizing

Strategic readers identify the most important ideas and restate them in their own words.

  • The text is mainly about ___.
  • The author’s most important ideas were ___.
  • The details I need to include are . . .
  • Some important concepts are . . .
  • The most important evidence was . . .
  • The basic gist . . .
  • The key information is . . .
  • In a nutshell this says that . . .

Making Connections

  • text to text
  • text to self
  • text to world

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Career Day Feedback

Laurentian hosted a wonderful career day today, thanks to the hard work and organization of Mr. Shaver. Students were able to listen to four presentations, each with a different professional. The topics included:

  • Arborist
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Marine Mechanic
  • Marketing/Business
  • Trades/Apprenticeships
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Municipal Government
  • Policing
  • Paramedic
  • Event Mangement
  • Funeral Services
  • Graphic Design
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Airlines/Pilot
  • Firefighting
  • Interior Design
  • Real Estate

Tell us what your favourite presentation was and why! Some of the topics we brainstormed about in class included:

  • Voice: expression, volume…
  • Audience: addressing audience interests, needs and concerns
  • Body Language: eye contact, etc.
  • Multi-media
  • connecting/involving the audience
  • free stuff!


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NBC: Are mean girls getting meaner?

Even with all the talk about reining in badly behaving kids, bullying seems to have gotten worse than it’s ever been, especially with the added weapons that the Internet provides. And the suicide of a Florida girl has brought that issue front and center once again.

For 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick, the bullying got to be so unbearable that she felt suicide was her only option to escape the relentless and malevolent bullying of two classmates, one 12 and the other 14. Sedwick climbed to the top of a tower and jumped to her death.

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Career Day: Globe & Mail: Canada’s Skill’s Gap

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Geography: A Rocky Succession

A Rocky Succession

Natural succession and Reclamation are two ways of nurturing an artificially or naturally damaged ecosystem back to health. Follow our rock as he experiences the natural succession around Mt. St. Helen’s after it erupts in 1980, and helps teach a young ecologist how he can reclaim disturbed land.

To watch the video behind the school firewall, click here.

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Landforms Google Search

Download the following Word document. Enter in the definition of the words listed in the table, and add a picture in the right column.  When you are done, please email to

Landforms google search.doc

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